Adding Google Play Services

This is how, in few easy steps, you can add support for Google Play services. Once you have these files installed, you will be able to run most apps found in the Google Play store. If you have had apps in the past that did not work, this solution should be the answer.
Once you are finished installing these files and then opening Aurora Store, the configuration should lock in, and any apps you download and install in the future, should function as expected.
Those apps that previously  complained that they needed the Play Services Framework to function, should work fine with this upgrade. 

Make sure to follow the instructions in the specific order listed, as this will ensure that the install works. 

Step One:  Download the files

NOTE :    All of this work MUST be done on your Freedom Phone, in order for it to install properly.   Its pretty can do it!

Download these Files: 

Go to this link and download each file separately. There should be 8 files total and they should show up in your Downloads folder on the phone when you are finished. 

These are the 8  files you will be downloading.

  • Base1.apk
  • base2.apk
  • Split APKs Installer
  • base3-Split
  • split-1_config.arm64_v8a.apk
  • split-2_config.en.apk
  • split-3_phonesky_data_loader
  • split-4_phonesky_data_loader.config.arm64_v8a

Step Two:  install the files

Find the Downloads folder on your phone. It can be found via either  Files or File Manager - and begin installing them directly from the Downloads folder. 

Install in the order listed below:

  • 1.   Install by double clicking -> base1.apk
  • 2. Install by double clicking -> base2.apk
  • 3. Find & install -->  Split APK Installer
  • Stop here.....

Next, Go into your App tray on the phone and find the Split APK installer you just installed. Open it.

At the bottom of the Split APK app, choose Install APKs,
next choose System File Picker.
Now, from the download list that pops up, choose the following APK's:

  • base3-Split.apk
  • split-1_config.arm64_v8a.apk
  • split-2_config.en.apk
  • split-3_phonesky_data_loader
  • split-4_phonesky_data_loader.config.arm64_v8a

Now choose Select at the top right

Down at the bottom, choose Install....wait while it installs - approx. 2 min.

Once it is finished, go find Aurora Store app and login. Once it shows the apps, you are done!  Google Play store is installed.

Enjoy using most any app that once required Goole Play Services to run.

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