Pixel 3 

Freedom 3

Starts at $360

  • This is a smaller phone with a 5.5"x 2.5"  display  
  • 64GB storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • 12 MP Selfie Camera, 8MP Rear Camera
  • 4K Video @30fps 
  • Requires USB-C Audio adapter for headphones/earbuds
  • Includes: New Charger and charger cord
  • Optional Preloaded Apps available below
  • Condition Option: Fair or  Good condition
  • Prices in $USD
  • Free Shipping to all USA
  • Fair Condition phones have a slight screen burn - not pure white when displaying.. Good choice for a burner phone


Add Starter App Package 

Starter App Package

25+ apps added to your phone $28

We will install a good variety of apps to get your started , including the two App stores where you can download more on your own. Have the apps already installed when your phone arrives and start using the phone right away.
Apps installed include secure chat, maps, calendar, Notes with reminders and many more.  

Apps include:

  • Open Keyboard- Secure, improved keyboard
  • Signal - Secure chat
  • Addr GPS + OsmAnd- maps and navigation- on or offline, non-tracking
  • NewPipe - youtube client - feature-rich and privacy friendly, no ads.
  • BlueMail- Email client - IMAP, iCloud, Gmail. Exchange. 
  • aCalendar : Can sync with  others calendars, no ads, light or dark theme
  • WPS Office Client - DOC, PPT,  XLS, PDF
  • Notes+Reminders+ Tasks - set alarms and notifications
  • Brave Browser - a second secure browser
  • QR + Barcode scanner
  • Today Weather - beautiful weather app pulls from 10 sources
  • Calculator- enhanced calculator, themes 
  • Open Camera - enhanced camera app - 
  • ProtonMail client- Secure email client for your Proton account
  • F-Droid + Aurora App stores - download more apps anonymously 
  • ProtonVPN
  • BitWarden  Password Manager

Starter App Package - 25+ apps  $28

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