Your Secure Smartphone

Say hello to privacy.

Get your hands on the most private and security hardened phone on the planet. 

A Simple, Intuitive and Easy to Use  DeGoogled  Smartphone.


No Tracking or Tracing

No hidden tracking/tracing can be pushed onto your phone from your carrier or government.

1M Secure Apps

Securely & anonymously download and use most any of the 1+ Million Android apps 

Browsing & Calls

Secure browsing, encrypted chat and calls possible with basic installed apps

Data protection

Personal data protected by default. No extra steps required to keep you secure.

 Phone Features

  • Secure operating system in current development since 2015 
  • No hidden tracking/tracing can be pushed onto your phone from your carrier or government.
  • Securely use most of the  1+ Million Android  apps 
  • Easy to transfer contacts & photos from your current phone
  • Personal data protected by default.  No extra steps to be secure.
  • Nano SIM card - Compatible with all major US/Canada 4G/5G carrier networks- LTE, GSM &  CDMA
  • Ability to turn off camera, mic and location. Control app access to any feature
  • Secure browsing, encrypted chat and calls possible with basic installed apps
  • Personal data protected by default. Installed apps are sandboxed and cannot steal your private data, location, or browser history. 

Get To Know Your  Freedom Phone.

Customize multiple home screens with favorite apps. group apps or add widgets like time or weather 

Pull up App Menu to access all installed apps

Change App Permissions for any app. Allow or Deny specific permissions.

 Freedom Phone Options 

Smaller handset

 Pixel 5 is a smaller handset at 6".
8MP Front, 12MP & 16MP Rear camera
128GB Storage
Wireless charging
No expansion card slot
Starts at $640


Larger handset

Pixel 4a5G 
6.2" Display
2 Front, 1 Rear camera
128GB Storage
USB-C audio 
No expansion card slot
Starts at $540


Load Your Phone Service

Send us a Pixel phone and we will install GrapheneOS, the app package and send it back. Available for Pixel series 4,5 and the new 6 series phones. Load Your Phone Service is $149 incl. return shipping. Turn around is usually about 48 hours.


Your Mobile Phone Exposes Your Data to Big Tech

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Phone arrives ready to use

Get started out of the box: Fast, clean ready to use OS. Install your nano SIM card and you're ready to call & text. All phones include 18W fast charger, cord, and battery charged.

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Basic apps included 

In addition to the secure browser, calculator, contacts, file manager, gallery, and camera, two app stores are also installed so you can load all the familiar apps you use  on your current phone. Banking, school, email, social media, video platforms etc. 

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Android 12  

Familiar, intuitive Android look and feel.  Battery life and charge duration increased as no bloatware apps are pre-installed. 

Be confident you are in control of your data and phone once again

Your carrier has no access to compromise your privacy

You have total control over access permissions for any installed apps or services - mic, camera, location etc.

No bloatware installed and the streamlined OS extends battery usage 50%

It's time you had control over your data privacy. 

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