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Your Secure Smartphone.

Say hello to privacy.

A Simple, Intuitive and Easy to Use DeGoogled Smartphone

Without the spying eye and tracking of Big Tech.

  • Privacy out of the box
  • Secure text and calls with Signal app
  • Tracking/ Tracing apps cannot be loaded by your carrier
  • Has all the features you use now
  • Apps you load have individual access control. Secure by default
  • Swap your SIM card over from iPhone or Android in minutes

Now you can be confident you are not sharing your location or private data with 3rd parties.

Secure calls and texting

Your Freedom smartphone can provide the technology you need without sharing your personal data, conversations, and habits.  Use the smartphone features you are familiar with and be confident you are protected by a secure, hardened operating system that has your privacy in mind.

You control your Apps access

 Security is ensured by default. Installed apps and your use of the phone are secure right from the start. You must give permission if you want an app i to access the network, mic, camera or your contacts. Access is not activated by default.  Permissions for each service and app are easy to grant or rescind at any time. Scanning for improving location detection is disabled by default, keeping you anonymous to networks and your phones proximity to others.
                      Privacy delivered.

Toothbrush product

Hardened Android System

Your phone is a privacy and security hardened mobile OS Based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). For additional security, your calls and texting can be encrypted with apps like Signal. Your Freedom Phone isn't reporting in, sharing your digital life with Google, Apple or your carrier.   Keep your communications private!

No hidden apps can be installed by your carrier

 Freedom phones do not have carrier bloatware pre-installed. Your carrier cannot update or access your phone to shut off EBS nor do hidden updates that compromise your privacy or security. No extra background resources are running that might use up battery life or that can't be uninstalled. No tracking or tracing apps can be push installed without your permission.  
         Secure communications delivered

All of our Freedom Phones have the same hardened and secure GrapheneOS installed.
The differences between models will be the physical look and feel, and the hardware onboard:
Storage, CPU, RAM size, number of cameras and the phones size.

Smaller Display

Pixel 5

 6" Display
128GB storage

Starts at $640


Larger Display

Pixel 4a 5G

6GB RAM Memory
 4a 5G 6.2" Display
128GB Storage

Starts at $540


Load Your Phone

Load Your Phone Service

Send us your Pixel 4 or 5 series phone, we will install our secure OS and send it back.This service includes the 30+ Starter App Package Option to get you up and running as soon as your phone arrives.Your phone MUST be an UNLOCKED Google Edition Pixel for us to load our secure OS onboard.
Models supported: Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 Series phones.

Load Your Phone Service is $145


Phones are in Renewed Good, to Mint condition.

We are select in the Renewed phones we choose to sell. 
Below are the grading levels available. 

Renewed Phones Grading:

Condition:  Good.  Screen is usually in very good condition.  May have minor amounts of wear in the form of scratches or wear on body and/or rub markings on the housing and possibly the glass. A case will usually cover the wear. 

Condition: Mint.  , no signs of wear and tear. In like New in the Box condition.  


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