Your Secure Smartphone.

Say hello to privacy.

Get your hands on the most private and security hardened phone on the planet. 

Enjoy the best features of the latest mobile technology
without the spying eye and tracking of Big Tech.

Now you can be confident you are not sharing your location or private data.

Secure calls and texting

Your Graphene smartphone can provide the technology you need without sharing your personal data, conversations, and location.  Use the smartphone features you are familiar with and be confident you are protected by a secure, hardened operating system that  has your privacy in mind.

You control your Apps access

You must give permission to apps installed to access the network, mic, camera or your contacts. They are not activated by default.  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning for improving location detection are disabled by default, keeping you anonymous to networks and phones in your proximity. Privacy delivered.

Toothbrush product

Hardened Android System

Your phone is a privacy and security hardened mobile OS Based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). For additional security, your calls and texting can be encrypted with apps like Signal. Your Graphene phone isn't reporting in, sharing your digital life with Google, Apple or your carrier. Keep your communications private!

No hidden apps can be installed by your carrier

 These phones come with just the basics installed. No carrier bloatware pre-installed that uses up battery life and that you can't uninstall. No tracking, tracing apps can be push installed without your permission. 

Compare SmartPhones 

All of our Freedom Phones have the same hardened and secure GrapheneOS installed.
The differences will be phone condition, hardware and phone size.

Renewed phones have been fully tested and passed our 30-point quality control inspection.

Pixel 4

Smaller Display

Fast 855 processor -The brains of the phone
6GB RAM Memory
64GB Storage
*Can be upgraded to 128GB storage*

5.7" Display- A little smaller sized phone than 4XL 
2 Front, 2 Rear cameras
4K Video
USB-C Audio + Charging Port
Wireless charging
Longer Battery Life
Fast, Functional Smartphone
No expansion card slot

Starts at $649


Pixel 4XL

Larger Display

Fast 855 processor - The brains of the phone 
6GB RAM Memory
64GB Storage
*Can be upgraded to 128GB storage*

Larger 6.3" Display
Cameras -Dual Selfie 8MP  and  Dual rear 16MP +12MP 
4K Video
USB-C Audio + Charging Port
Wireless charging
Longer Battery Life 
No expansion card slot

Starts at $689


Basic Phone - Large Display

 670 processor
6" Display
1 Front, 1 Rear camera
64GB Storage
3.5mm audio jack
Long Battery Life
No expansion card slot

Starts at $489

Overstock Sale! Take $50 off
Use coupon  Overstock50


Phones are available in Renewed Good, and Mint condition.

We are select in the Renewed phones we choose to sell. 
Below are the grading levels available. 

Renewed Phones Grading:

Condition:  Good.  May have minor amounts of wear in the form of scratches or wear on body, small dents and/or rub markings on the housing and possibly the glass. A case will usually cover the wear. 

Condition: Mint.  Expect pristine condition, no signs of wear and tear. In like new condition, but not New in the Box.  


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