Load Your Pixel Phone With Our Secure OS

Cell phone screen

Send us your Pixel phone and we will install our secure OS and send it back.

This service includes the 30+ Starter App Package Option below to get you up and running as soon as your phone arrives. 

Your phone MUST be an UNLOCKED  Google Edition Pixel phone for us to load our secure OS onboard.   (Please note: Verizon phones cannot be programmed)

Model series supported:   Pixel 4, 5, 6 and 7 series including the new Pro phones.

Please contact us at   info at freedomphones.net   prior to sending your phone, so we can be sure that your phone qualifies and send shipping details. 

Please Note: Your phone will be completely wiped.  No data will be saved. Make sure you have removed and saved any data to a flash drive or backed up your data somewhere before sending. Do not send your SIM card as we do not need it to program the phone.

$145 - Turn around is usually 1-2 days.  Free return shipping included.

Included Starter App Package

35+ apps added to your phone 

We will install a good variety of apps to get you started , including the two App stores where you can download more on your own. Have the apps already installed when your phone arrives and start using the phone right away.
Apps installed include secure chat, offline maps, calendar, Notes with reminders, secure password manager and much more.  

Some of the Apps include:

  • Multiple Keyboards- Secure, improved keyboards with swipe & emojis
  • Signal - Secure Encrypted chat and calls
  • Maps and navigation-  
  • NewPipe - youtube client - feature-rich and privacy friendly, no ads.
  • BlueMail- Email client - IMAP, iCloud, Gmail. Exchange. 
  • aCalendar : Can sync with  others calendars, no ads, light or dark theme
  • BitWarden Secure Password manager 
  • Notes+Reminders+ Tasks - set alarms and notifications
  • Brave Browser - Secure browser
  • QR + Barcode scanner
  •  Weather App
  • Calculator- enhanced calculator, themes 
  • Open Camera - enhanced camera app - 
  • ProtonMail client- Secure email client for your Proton account
  • F-Droid + Aurora App stores - download more apps anonymously 
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